A Celestial Invitation WOW Warcraft Pet Battle

You will be convinced that Constellatius is going to kill you at the end, because he has full health, but miraculously, Blistering Cold kills him.
Follow this exactly. It works every time.
Crimson Spore (any breed) – 112 Timeless Mechanical Dragonling (any breed) – 111 Boneshard (any breed) – 11*
Turn 1 Sting
Turn 2 Blinding Powder
Turn 3 Swap to your Timeless Mechanical Dragonling
Turn 4 Razor Talons
Turn 5 Swap to your Crimson Spore
Turn 6 Blinding Powder
Turn 7 Sting
Turn 8 Explode
Bring in your Boneshard
Comet still alive? –> Chop Comet dies
Cosmos comes in
Turn 1 Blistering Cold
Turn 2 Pass (Timeless Mechanical Dragonling forced in)
Turn 3 Razor Talons
Turn 4 Swap to your Boneshard
Turn 5 Chop (Cosmos dies)
Constellatius comes in
Prio list
Prio 1 Blistering Cold
Prio 2 Chop
Timeless Mechanical Dragonling comes in
Turn 1 Decoy
Turn 2 Razor Talons
Turns 3+ Flame Breath