All Narcissists

All Narcissists
Are right
Enter conversations with the intent to control and be the center of it.
Are the secret sauce in any group
Angrily perseverate on things that disappoint.
Tend to think that people as a group, are stupid.
Absolutely think in terms of “what about me?”
Test people around them to master their understanding of their personality and their depth of devotion to the narcissist.
Are quick to anger when they are blamed for doing something wrong whether tangible or emotional.
Take advantage of an even cultivate the kindness and sympathy of others.
Think of the people in their lives in terms of their strengths, resources, and their impact on the narcissist.
Attempt to know everything about people close to them to be aware of emotional or social threats before they happen.
Their to do list never has anything on it for other people Unless obligated.
Dislike, and avoid “follower behavior “
Will make most of the normal contributions they might make, such as household chores, seem like a dramatic personal sacrifice.
Will compete with children And when.
Are working on something big.
See “words” as a way to hit someone who is antagonizing, has disappointed, or has threatened the narcissist.

Malignant Narcissistss
Have zero empathy
Will cheat if possible
Tend to dislike ideas that are not theirs, and are likely to sabotage them.
Blame, and cause drama when disappointed.
Think that everyone around them is lost in the dark waiting for their solution.
Treat and regard their family especially the spouse and children as “representatives” and as employees to their service.
Use personal information to demean and diminish spouses and associates during conflict.
Will lie, and expand false hoods, in order to capitalize on the resources of other peoples kindness and generosity, and will thoughtlessly exhaust those resources without reciprocity.
Constantly remind others that they are not good enough. In order to make them try, and give, partner.
Eventually discard their loved one. Spouse. Significant mother.
Only keep resource – valuable people in their life.
Befriend, align witb, and then use their superiors.
Will not participate in something unless they want to, or there is something in it for them.
Altruism, is only for a “how it looks”.
Will excuse their failure at a gift giving occasion by using “paying the rent, keeping the lights on” has their “gift”.
Will tell you that they could do anyone else’s job, if they wanted to. Even being a Navy seal or Green Beret.
Will use their words to verbally abuse or “hit” someone who has disappointed, disobeyed, disrespected the narcissist, and the sky is the limit, dishing out the most painful verbal abuse they can muster.
Will defame and to mean people who have disappointed, disobeyed, disrespected, the narcissist.
Will see themselves as the victim, with petulance, and wounded Ness, if someone defies or disappoints now.