Breia Star

For Breia
Impossibilities happen in many lives
But “impossible” can be a fiction
A word they say when one can not,
Oft flawed in its prediction.
I never thought my heart had died
… I just knew it to be so
The shocks and bumps of life’s harsh strikes
Had razed love’s quarters low.
And then, like dried moss on a barren rock, or a long forgotten seed,
the miraculous rain of love falls down and revives an ancient need.
Waking a dragon asleep for eons,
a crust of endless ages,
is shaken from its scales
and then
the wing-ed beast engages…
Like a unicorn, or phoenix rise,
Or mermaid apparition,
My world reborn, my heart renewed,
Love’s hope soothed my condition.
She’s got a warrior’s heart and a mother’s strength,
Her resolve so dearly tested
She just sought the kindness of soothing arms which I gave until she rested.
The curve of her face,
that look in her eyes,
her smile, with spirit old,
She’s kind, and wise and beautifully made
A wonder to behold
So we set our eyes on a horizon bright
Stretching both far and wide
I’m thrilled and honored and awed and blessed,
To have her by my side.






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