Cardi B The Dumb Fucktoy

Cardi.B is literally the “Howard Stern of music”. Not a lot of talent. Just making it by being the first, and the most vulgar.
Young people have a tendency to throw shocking, obscene people on their shoulders and carry them around to torture their parents; or to try to seem “edgy” and wild. Whatever, but this has launched the careers of numerous people who simply rely on shock value, and vulgarity, for their press, and their act.
So when Howard Stern came along, and would do an interview with someone dumb enough to get on the air with him, say a award-winning author, or the mayor of New York City, he would ask them if they would let him fuck them in the mouth. Wasn’t that entertaining? Hilarious. Real talent there. But, he was the first to do that. And Cardi B, has taken depravity, materialism, and obscenity, to a whole new level.
I don’t know that she could be more descriptive or inappropriate in a song. I think you would have to cut out some music and put in more obscenity to top it. Except you can’t use stronger words or visuals.
It’s literally just as depraved as you can make it. And it paints the singer as a dumb slut. Just a “thing” like some dumb fuck toy.
Which actually, if you look at the interviews, and look at her YouTube compilations of the dumb things she has said and done, you realize that she actually IS just a brainless, singing fuck toy.






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