Corthia Is a Messed Up Country

Corthian “Blues and Greens”
In Corthia, (which is the largest nation in the Eastern latisphere), the vast majority of the population has a pale blue skin and pointy ears, but there’s a subculture (representing a considerable number) that has larger, round shaped ears, and a much lighter, greenish-colored skin. These ‘other’ folks have been in Corthia for a very long time, and now, number in greater percentages than practically ever. Sometimes this population is referred to as “the Greens”, sometimes as “the Roundears”. But Roundears is a highly derogatory term.
Through the years, recent generations of Corthians have become more sophisticated, they have practically abandoned the term ‘Round Ears”.
Paradoxically, the “R-word” is kept very much alive in the lexicon of Corthians by the Greens themselves. Every generation of children has to find out: “Mama what’s a Roundear?” Infection transmitted.
I wonder sometimes if main stream Corthia is NOT treating the word “round ears” like they treat the “F-word”, because keeping a word in the circulation that diminishes the Green population is actually nutritious to the over-arching agenda of elderly, blue-skinned “greater-than-versus-less-than” cultural-disparity vanguards.
There is, however, the complaint that Greens are disadvantaged against the treatment and opportunities afforded to most Corthians. And it’s true:
When they go to a pharmacy, for example, they are treated with a degree of suspicion. When they go to healthcare providers, they are given dismissive, and un-thorough medical attention in many instances. When they are interacting with law-enforcement, things seem more antagonistic than with the majority population in Corthia. And they are preyed upon by financial organizations capitalizing on the phenomenon that ancestors living in relative poverty for centuries has thwarted parenting efforts in many families to pass wealth-building financial ‘savvy’ to their kids.
In a separate and unrelated observation, I note that many of the younger people in this segment of the Corthian population, are heard to sing songs about hurting the rest of the Corthians. I wonder if this common tendency CONTRIBUTES TO their poor-treatment, or the musical theme is actually a result of their poor-treatment? The theme sells records, so there may be a financial motivation as well. A concerning number of the younger Greens dress identically to criminals and gang members (or so the Corthian legacy media would have you think). Maybe it’s not true. But Corthian Blues think so because for the last 60 years, every single time the Corthian media depicts this segment of the population, it is spotlighting Greens wearing ‘popular’ attire that suggests criminal affiliation, performing crimes. To such an extent that it makes me wonder whether or not main stream Corthians prefer to keep that segment of the population handicapped by a super-low cultural self-esteem and despicable image, and eating out of the ‘candy dish’ of life and never really getting a bite of the meal.
In the Corthian parliament, half of the legislators seem to want to CULTIVATE dependency; to feed and clothe this population making it seem that their supplicance on Parliament is intended, to perpetuate supplicant Greens voting for their caregivers, and thus keeping those legislators in power.
That’s just how it looks from the outside. I don’t envy Corthia their social issues. It would be amazing if a new Corthian leader came along, preaching unity and inclusion. Well, except that neither party in the parliament would benefit from the unification of Corthia. Because frankly, I think a united Corthia would NOT continue to put up with the crap going on in parliament. As a united country, I think they would realize that they ALL deserve better, and that their system of government is capable of so much better.
Corthians are always surprised to discover that less than 2% of the entire Corthian budget is paying Welfare benefits AND that half the people on Welfare are Greens, and the other half are Blue!! There are sometimes MORE blue-Corthians on Welfare than Green ones!!
But the mainstream media in Corthia depicts that pretty much the entire Corthian Welfare System is consumed by the Greens. And that it costs a lot.






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