Eternity & Nerd God

There’s a couple things I’ve learned over the last year or three.
I could not handle looking down the barrel of eternity. I just can’t imagine not getting tired of something for eternity. Even candy. To be honest with you, even kissing.
And I think this fits into my belief systems based on what Jesus said. He said he was the “son of man” and I think if we identify with Jesus, we are all “sons and daughters of man (with an M)”
Which supports the adage, that we are all made in “his image“ much like children.
End it has been said that God knows what we’re thinking, hears our prayers. It is with that in mind that I actually hold the belief that we actually are sons and daughters of, or a little pinches of God’s dream or mind. Nerve endings to one brain. Red blood cells in one circulatory system.
The second thing I’ve learned is that even if somebody could tell me exactly, precisely what’s going on in the “scheme of things“ I would not want to know. I absolutely would not want to know “where“ the universe is? I would not want to know “why“ the universe even happened, I prefer to think of God in nebulous terms, instead of knowing him as some glasses wearing accountant in “God world”. I like to think of God as the all powerful singularity, it would be upsetting to find out that he’s just one of some vast number of gods in a vast number of universes, and that our God was an introverted nerd among gods. ….or the Varsity-athletic God who picked on all the other gods, married badly and ended up working in retail.