Feeding That Cat (Men)

Feeding cats.
Having intimacy with a new boy friend is like feeding a cat. Getting rid of them when the “new” wears off, that is a ‘thing’.. Most people don’t even think about it, because “He’s so amazing.”
Making a physical investment when things are ‘happy and new’, is easy. Then, you find out he’s a real Mr. Hyde when y’all fight or you’re tryna break it off. And you wish that you hadn’t gotten in so deep.
100% of boys are going to do at least one of the following:
Pretty much only wants sex. You could be in a coma and he wouldn’t notice or care.
Doesn’t care about holidays and birthdays
Quickly discovers the appeal of being jobless.
“Dating” courtesy ends when you become the girlfriend. No need to ‘try’ anymore.
Wants to know exactly where you are at all times. “Leave your GPS on.” (Ultra common)
Has been hiding a drinking problem.
⭐️Bellowing, kicking walls and the silent treatment are “conflict resolution” on his side of the world.
Hasn’t been hiding the drinking problem LOL
Turns out to be deeply, DEEPLY Republican.
⭐️Has a bad tooth and no dentist.
Goes into a rage whenever he’s disappointed.
Has really smelly junk.
Likes to fight, and uses “he looked at you“ as the excuse.
Annoys other people with culturally clichéd music at top volume.
Wants his best friend to hold the camera. You say ‘no’ so he hides the camera. When you break up, you are Instagram famous.
⭐️Shares the same beliefs and values as his family, but you didn’t notice his family.
Halfway through reading this you decided that these don’t apply to you or him. So you’re missing the point which is: If you need to, what’s it gonna be like breaking up with him? And if you don’t wanna mess with that very-probable-future, are you sure you even wanna feed that cat?