Fish Stress is caused by Fish Pathogens, Fish Parasites and FIsh Illness and Fish Infections are the natural outcome.

A.I. is generating a whole new wave of information to be re-purposed and re-posted in fish health web sites, by all kinds of people, most of whom don’t even keep fish but want to populate a website to impress Google, and capture your Affiliate Ad dollar.
And in the process, will be giving out recycled, even incomplete or incorrect information about Fish Disease.
Aquarium health isn’t going to be covered much better by these AI Generated resources. Fish Illness, same. People want to learn about fish symptoms but that’s a problem because the fish symptoms of Ammonia poisoning are indistinguishable from the fish symptoms of PH crash.
Finally swinging around to Fish Treatment, the art of saving sick fish – which will be woefully lacking because current fish treatments are based on medications that are still, and actually available. Fish treatments like Clout, for example, are off the market but AI doesn’t know this.
Fish Medicine is still rapidly developing but not much has changed in the fishes’ lives. Water Quality is king.
Fish Parasites are almost-constantly a source of Fish Infection, because the parasites cause deterioration and stress in the fishes’ skin, it’s primary defense against disease. Fish infection is quick to take hold.
All of this including water quality are contributors to fish stress which is the primary if not-only cause of fish vulnerability to disease. Some would say that if the fish weren’t stressed by handling, water quality or parasites, crowding or poor nutrition, they would be practically immune to disease.
A host of fish pathogens of many kinds including bacteria, viruses and fish parasites are ready to attack a vulnerable fish and all the fish medicine in the world won’t save a fish that’s still under Fish Stress.
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