Garden of Eden and Back Eons to Basics

Sometimes I think the garden of Eden was just a perfectly balanced ecosystem in which humans obey the laws of nature and did not exploit contrivances to get more than they need. As such, there was enough for everyone, and there were just enough people.
Sometimes I think eating from the tree of knowledge that cast us from the garden of Eden, was figuring out, and using contrivances that gave us more than we needed and threw off the balance of nature creating struggles and hardship.
I often think that anything that resembles life from 20,000 years ago is good for us. For example:
High intensity interval training. Which means periodic outbursts of strenuous exercise. Like killing a little dinosaur or running away from a big one. Putting together logs for a crude dwelling.
Like when we were caveman.
Intermittent fasting. Kind of like not being able to get food three times a day. Sometimes only getting it once a day or maybe not even eating out for a whole day Because the bunny got away, or you couldn’t find the right roots and leaves. Like when we were caveman.
Finding out that probiotics and gut flora are absolutely essential to our immunology, and our overall health, and finding out that eating a bit of soil with our food is a good thing. Like when we were caveman.
Like finding out that some of the most important pharmaceuticals available to mankind are naturally occurring in rainforests and other balanced environments at equilibrium and were probably subject to our ingestion anyway. Like when we were caveman.
Like a keto and Paleo and low carb lifestyles are better for us because our glucose isn’t jacked up all over the place all the time. No bread, nothing sweet to drink, casual honey, or a piece of fruit. Like when we were caveman.
Finding out that basking in the sun with the oil on our skin isn’t a very good thing. So like, staying out of the sun or developing a natural sunscreen and a thick pate of hair on our heads is a good thing. Like when we were caveman.






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