Giving Insulin to a Pet

How to administer insulin: Insulin is $450 from Eli-Lily – But it’s $29.00 from Walmart “Relion” – kind of tells you something about how hard Eli-Lily is gouging the American people. Doesn’t it? Insulin is cheap. Eli-Lily isn’t. – Make sure there’s agreement between the U-100 value on the insulin and the U-100 value on the little syringes. (There’s a U-40 insulin/syringe we don’t recommend) So “Everything U-100” Right? Okay. – Feed the cat first. It only has to eat *something* not necessarily a whole meal. – Un-cap the syringe, pulling caps straight off no twist. (Get rid of the orange parts) New insulin has an orange cap on it. Get rid of the orange part) :uD Turn the insulin bottle upside down, after ROLLING IT. Don’t shake it. Put the needle UP through the rubber “cork” and pull out like, a LOT (You know, more than you need.) You’ll see a bubble in the insulin in the syringe. (This is why you draw out more than you need) With the syringe STILL IN THE BOTTLE push the syringe-plunger up to the DOSE. This expels the bubble that’s always in the syringe when it’s fresh. So if the dose if FIVE UNITS – you push the plunger up to the 5 mark. Pull out the syringe and find the cat or dog. Don’t stick ’em in the eyehole – they may be VERY curious about the syringe and pretty much stick themselves in the eye or nose trying to experience the thing. With the super short little 1/4 – 1/2″ 35g needle – you don’t have to “pull up a pinch of skin” All you do is find a NON-bony area behind the shoulderblades – and put the needle straight in. You can push it in a little, but not pushing “hard”. Just firmly. Authoritatively. Push the plunger. That’s it. You’re done. Smell your fingers. If you smell insulin: You missed. Don’t repeat the shot. It’s “Better luck next time”. You’ll be dosing again in “about 12 hours”. Not 6 hours, or 8 hours. Not 16 hours. But 10-14 hours (A 2 hour window) is really okay. Missing a dose is “pretty okay”. Try not to. If the cat or dog seems “Out of it” or “glassy eyed” after the shot, it might be getting too much. If you think the pet’s had too much: Give 3cc (1 tbsp) syrup, Karo, Log Cabin or Mrs. Buttersworth is fine – or HONEY is my fave.