How do attorneys sleep? With all they do so shitty?

Some of you may be aware that a woman in South Carolina was dragged down by three pitbull dogs, that chewed on her entire body long enough to strip all the meat off of both of her arms. And dragged her colon out. The owner of the dogs got an attorney. And this attorney typifies what I think about a lot of attorneys: this attorney is trying to maintain that the victim may have provoked the dogs, and also trying to maintain that the dogs did not actually belong to Mr. Miner, even though Animal Control picked the dogs up from his yard, and the first man on the scene, could only stop the dogs from (literally) eating her body was by discharge of a weapon into the air. The burden of proof, seems to rest on the testimony of a woman who lost considerable part of her face, to prove that the dogs belonged to Mr. Miner. When she emerges from her coma, she will also have to prove “her word against his“ that she did not provoke the dogs.
This woman has three children, and makes her living cooking with her hands neither of which she has anymore. And that Attorney I suppose, is able to sleep at night, somehow.