How To Make a Ringtone for IPhone.

It takes like, two softwares.
How to make a ringtone Go to Voicebuddy or similar and make an MP3 file. Download it to your computer. Then go to Free Ringtone Maker. Upload it (or drag it) and click “Make Ringtone” and then download that to your computer. Then send it to your phone via email, and save it to Files. Then go to open “Ringtonemaker” on your phone. Find “My Ringtone” screen and there’s a + sign. Click it. Then click “More” and “Import from File” and choose your new ringtone to make. Click that file and click “Make” Swipe left to click “Garage Band” It’ll open with that file in Garageband. Click and hold it. Option: Share ‘Then: “Share to Ringtone” Then “Export” There may be various dialogue boxes that tell you the tone is being adjusted or truncated. The file is exported to just where it needs to be and shows up as an option in your Alarms, etc when choosing a tone.