If I Led The United States

If I led the United States there are the things I’d enact.

Term Limits for select leaders. This would never get past the career-politicians. With term limits the primary advantage would be the difficulty for a bipartisan government to stranglehold the entire process with ‘old hoary heads’ and it would allow a change in leadership (more rapidly) from elderly white men, to perhaps a more eclectic group of Americans. America is 100% immigrant after all. Just, some of the immigrants feel entitled to judge all the other immigrants.

A re-vamp of the Educational System. We’re not teaching Credit-Management, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Awareness, Mental-Health, Living a Quality Life, Nutrition for Success, Yearly Sociology Classes. Our system should demonize Bullies in school. Peer pressure should be cultivated to make bullies look like the insecure and troubled kids they are.

Eliminate the “N” Word. ¬† Let’s just imagine in a world somewhere else that “Fuck” was a white term. Let’s imagine that “Shit” was an Asian term and let’s say “Nigger” was an African-American term. Mexicans are ‘allowed’ to call each other cocksuckers. We would permit these in mainstream media? Oh wait. We DO, in the case of “Nigger“. That’s RIDICULOUS.

I would not offer free healthcare but I would have Government in Healthcare in the form of Not-for-profit pharmaceutical manufacturing of generic drugs. I would create and promote a not-for-profit healthcare / hospital system for doctors that wanted to BE in that healthcare system. They would be employees and receive a competitive pay rate and the healthcare system would charge what it needed to break-even and pay what it could and still break-even. Finally, I would have Government operating a not-for-profit (and not falling on the taxpayers) Health Insurance for everyone, not just old people.

On top of their sentences, which would become steep and include execution for some, pre-determined number of cases or severity; Child Molesters would suffer genital reduction. If the system removes a male’s testicles, the subject can recieve testosterone therapy and be back at work. If the penis is practically removed, a major source of orgasm is removed. Sentences for child molestation should be without opportunity for parole.

LAW: Divorce Law would be settled in Mediation by ONE impartial lawyer, not two. The penalties for deception in provision of divorce discovery should be severe. Divorces would principally be settled with income tax returns, property-tax documents, and bank statements according to a computer generated algorithm that determined the ACTUAL COST of rearing a child and NOT based on income. For example, if two people are getting a divorce and both parents earn $2M a year, it STILL does not cost $250,000 a year to rear a kid. At *WORST* the child support would replace what the primary custodian could¬† / is reasonably earning per annum in lower income situations. The digital calculations would ‘correct for’ higher incomes between the parents and work out a reasonable figure for the upkeep of the child or children. Divorce law should not be a free-form playground for Lawyers to moil and molest.

If an entity litigates / sues another party, and loses, they should be responsible for the legal fees of the defendant unless the judge says otherwise under rare circumstances. This would drastically reduce frivolous lawsuits and seriously challenge litigants to assess the merits of their case.