If Your Dog Pulls

If your dog pulls, or is dog aggressive, grab the “Sporn No-Pull Harness’.
There is a harness (and it’s not the venerable gentle leader) that rapidly curbs pulling behavior for any and all dogs.
It’s manufactured by a company called Sporn and it’s just a couple paracords! I guess that’s why it’s pretty cheap.
Sometimes, when a dog can’t stand up on its hind legs and spin around and around while pulling against the owner, that ruins the whole experience for the dog and they’ll even stop barking like crazy. Sometimes.
They can wear it all the time, but I recommend just leaving the collar part on, with Rabies tags akimbo, and then slipping on the cords when you’re ready to go for a walk.
The cords just go through the loop on the TOP of the collar, THEN under the arms and THEN headward to clip on the collar under his neck. See image. Presto.
I highly recommend that you remove the two little pieces of fake ‘lambs wool’ if your dog is a serious puller.
If the ‘harness’ that you bought is anything more than a collar and a simple ‘V-shaped’ cord, you probably don’t have the genuine article and as I found, testing a few, results are quite disappointing.
Question: is it possible that a 2 pound Chihuahua cannot pull hard enough on the Sporn for it to work? Answer: yes.
Question: is it possible that a 2 pound Chihuahua cannot pull hard enough for you to even notice that it’s pulling? Answer: yes. Bahahahaha!!!!
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