Inbreeding Doodles for a Pure Line: BAD IDEA

WhatDidYouDoodle? (The End of A Valuable Mutt?)
*If you, or someone you love, ever thought about buying a “Doodle” you should read and understand THIS!*
*Background*: Once upon a time, a person crossed a poodle with a Labrador. They got a “Labradoodle”. And it was amazing because it was a sweet, healthy HYBRID of the two parents. Which combined low shedding, high durability, keen intelligence, or a decent size without being a large breed,
And they were cute, and they looked good. And they did not shed.
Then, they bred a poodle with a golden retriever. And got a “Goldendoodle”. It was also amazing.
Since then, they breed poodles with any breed out there. And it becomes a *“InsertBreedaDoodle”*. And to be honest, they’re pretty cool. And they don’t shed. And they’re hybrids.
This is where the story gets really upsetting. Read the whole story at:
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