Justice IS in fact, blind

Here’s a fun fact, which I checked out with my lawyer, because it was worth it for $29.
It’s raining really hard.
An illegal-alien, in a stolen car, evading police, after committing a felony, and wanted in Mexico for unrelated crimes, blowing a 1.0, with a kidnapped underage kid, bound and gagged on the backseat.
He hits a pylon and ends up right in front of you, and you smash into the back of his car in the rain and HE gets “whiplash”. (Kid’s fine btw).
According to Mr. Lewis, esquire: Alexander Shunnarah, or any of that grinning-San-Vant-dead-baby sort, could, and probably would go after you and send a remaining 40% of a substantial settlement amount to the man in prison, wherever he is in Guadalajara or Reidsville.
It has been reinforced to me many many times, “justice is blind”.
You know the girl in the toga, holding the scale, with a blindfold on?
Yes, that is the legal profession mascot for a very good reason. You just have to put money on one or the other scales.






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