Today’s Gripe Is….

And so it was that when health insurance started to move into widespread use, doctors, offices and hospitals began to defraud the insurance companies with $300 Tylenols. Usurious rates on claims and frivolous and unnecessary procedures. The pendulum was swinging. And now the pendulum has swung all the way across to quite the opposite where insurance companies are defrauding both the consumer and the medical establishment.
Doctors are now getting $.20 and $.30 on the dollar compared to what they once did. Not fair compensation for their skill and expertise of education. Quite often they don’t even get paid. And this while insurance companies turn in profits, in some cases greater than Microsoft and Apple combined. (2017 United Healthcare).
And those are *profits*. The free and clear money they didn’t use or spend in their business.
As well, patients are getting more and more subpar care as insurance companies determine what drugs and treatment can be given. Literally, high school educated actuarials, using an algorithm deciding what you and your family need.






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