This is the Scarlet macaw. It has only seven colors. They are the seven colors in the rainbow. They are arranged in the same ORDER as the rainbow. That’s, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, ending in violet. The color spectrum begins with the red at the top of the head and ends with the violet color in the ends of the wings and tail.
The chances of that happening are less than one out of 5000. Specifically there are 5039 other possible arrangements of the colors.
Did the female birds only breed the males who looked exactly like a rainbow?
Did these birds fly up in front of rainbows to try to blend in?
Why aren’t there eight or more colors in the plumage? Why not pink, brown, gray, black? Why just the seven colors of the rainbow, in the same order as the rainbow?
The other miracle I noticed probably 20 years ago was the platypus.
It has a duck’s bill, and lays eggs like a chicken, it has a pouch like a possum and a kangaroo, it has a beavers tail, and duck feet. And it gives milk.
I don’t think I’m going to get the punchline to those two, masterful creations until I die. And then I think I’ll have a good laugh.