Most Racist President of All Time Overthrows US Government (Almost)

If you ask most people how many folks died in Trump’s Insurrection, they don’t know. (Answer: FOUR! And all but one were cardiac events in overweight old conservatives running up and down hills they shouldn’t have. And one lady got shot (she was a Trump supporter so it literally didn’t count and was never investigated.)
If you ask people if there were fires, they would probably say “Probably” and imagine the scene that is on this post. Except the only fire was in one trash can in the building. Also, some “terrorists” pooped in a trashcan. Very threatening.
If you ask if Trump was there they’d say “Yes, he was astride an assault vehicle like Rommel riding into battle, saber overhead.”
But he wasn’t. He was on his way back to Mar-A-Lago.
Politico ran an article talking about how racist Trump is and mixed up boorishness with racism. I could be wrong but referring to Jewish people as “You people” is tactless and unprofessional but not “racist” and in NO instance of his “racism” did he use any reference in the pejorative. He called the Japanese “Japs” which is egregious politically but it’s boorish, not racist.
I’m attaching the article by Politico. If these are the WORST things Trump said in all his years (and it spans all his years), I’m voting for the guy.
Because dozens of examples of Biden’s commentary on Black people is really dark. Really, really dark. And I grew up in Biden’s 1970’s and I had a lot to unlearn from that period. Thanks Joe.