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Never Binge Again(tm): Reprogram Yourself to Think like a Permanently Thin Person. Stop Overeating and Binge Eating and Stick to the Food Plan of Your Choice!

So I’m reading negative reviews on here and getting sad because I, myself, take negative reviews into serious consideration when looking on Amazon. And the thought that these reviews might keep a desperate binge eater from finding help bothers me.

Then I noticed a common thread in the negative reviews. They aren’t from people who tried what Dr livingston is suggesting. They are from people who read or started to read the book, didn’t like the message because of his wording, and dismissed the whole concept without trying it.

But think about this.

Presumably, these are binge eaters or why would they have even tried to read a book like this. They download the book, start to read it, notice that it’s different than all the other concepts they’ve learned about binge eating through their many years of searching, and dismiss it because it doesn’t mesh with everything else they’ve read about loving yourself thin, etc. It doesn’t jive with all of the other concepts they have in their heads about binge eating.

However, the reason they downloaded the book is because they are still binge eating and looking for answers.

In other words, those other concepts did not work for them. And instead of trying the concepts in this book and giving them a fair shot and reading them in the way that the author intended, they dismiss the book as dangerous. Which I don’t get at all.

I’m rereading the book myself. And it’s stunning to think that anyone could misunderstand the intent behind it.Because over and over in the first chapter alone, Dr Livingston mentions how you should be kind to yourself.

This book has changed everything about my life. Is it written really well? No. It’s not fabulous writing. Doctor Livingston is a psychotherapist, not a writer. I don’t think he used an editor, and from everything I’ve learned in the Facebook group that you can join, this book was cobbled together from a journal he kept while he was figuring things out for himself. It’s written from his heart, in other words.

He has a podcast that’s kind of hard to find but I believe it’s available on FM player where he talks to people who need help with binging and does mini therapy sessions using his concept. If you listen to any of his interviews with people, it’s obvious immediately that this man cares very very much. He is a much better therapist than a writer and his heart comes out when he talks. I have never heard a more empathetic person who really gets it and really just wants to help people find their way back from the hell that binge eating can bring.

The one thing that I wish he would fix that may be a turn off is that if you sign up on his website for the freebies that go with the book, you do get on his email list. And his emails can be off-putting at first because he’s not a copywriter. He doesn’t have a marketing department who knows how to write emails that are smooth and appealing. But you can unsubscribe easily. And in between the emails offering coaching services, there are emails with mp3s of the therapy sessions I mentioned from his podcast. So if you don’t know how to listen to podcasts, you can listen to the sessions using the emails.

Anyway, this book is free, people. It’s not a trick. There are no weird foreign dictionaries that download with it as I read in one review which is nuts. If you don’t trust the Kindle version, the paperback version is like $10. If you’ve read other books or gone to therapy to fix this binge eating thing and you are still suffering, read this book. And if the concept sounds weird and if the writing is not great, don’t close it and move on to the next thing until you’ve given it a shot. You have nothing to lose if binge eating is ruining your life but think what you might have to gain.

2 years in March 27 (today is April 7, 2020). Still going strong. Please read this book and keep an open mind if you are a binger. Your life can be different. I promise. If I can do this, anyone can. There are bumps on the road but you’ll learn to handle them. I cannot recommend this enough!

It will be one year on Wednesday. I’m down 66 lb. Size 8. February was my birthday and anniversary month. I followed my rules but didn’t try at all to lose weight. I don’t binge. I’m so much more active. And confident. Even started a new business.

9.5 months. Still going strong. This has changed my life. I’m down 56 lb and a size 10. I enjoyed the holidays thoroughly. I decided to follow my rules but not worry one bit about actual weight loss. I assumed I would gain a few lb but was fine with it. When I weighed myself on New year’s Eve, I was shocked to be down 1.2 lb in December despite several parties, enjoying great food, movie popcorn, drinks, etc. I knew I would be mentally okay and wouldn’t binge. I didn’t expect to be down some. I have lost weight over the holidays before but it was always at the expense of enjoying myself. And I’ve also let loose over the holidays before and gain a lot of weight, in addition to being exhausted and physically wasted. 2 more lbs and I will officially enter the “normal weight” category which is thrilling, but anyone who binges knows the weight is just part of the problem. I can think. I have confidence. I have energy. But most of all, I can trust myself again.

Over 6 months now. Not weighing myself much anymore but have lost well over 40 lb and 3 sizes (from 18 to 12). I eat what I want and never have to decline an invitation to eat out due to a particular diet I’m on. I know when the pig rears his head but never really have a problem with him. Just knowing it’s him is enough.
Almost 4 months. Everything is still going well. I hope these updates inspire someone else to give this a try. I went on two short vacations this month and was successful and satisfied. July is traditionally the month I “screw up royally” with all of the changes that come in summer that throw me off. Lack of routine, more celebrations, and the vacation mentality of letting loose. As sad as it is to say, in the past, I have gained 15 to 20 lb in a four to six-week period. I was on Weight Watchers for 4 years, and each summer, vacation was my major challenge. Each year, I approached it differently but was never successful. Either I didn’t splurge at all and came home miserable and then binged after getting home, or I ended up binging during vacation and feeling gastric distress, exhaustion, and wasn’t able to turn things around when I got home for quite a while. I approached this year’s two vacations by following rules I set up for myself that allowed me to enjoy myself without going into binge mode. I enjoyed desserts and meals out. I came home from each vacation with a less than 2 pound bump up in my weight, and both times that increased weight went right back down within a week of going back to normal. I did not break rules on vacation, I just followed a different set that allowed me to have what I wanted without going crazy. In past occasions, when I went crazy with food, I didn’t even enjoy it. This time I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am in shock that I finally weathered vacations perfectly, but at the same time I’m not really in shock because I did not go into vacation afraid. I knew this plan would work. I am so happy! Oh and I’ve lost almost 25 lbs. That’s not a monumental amount for 4 months and I was hardcore bingeing and gaining right before I started so I know it came off faster because of that at first, but since my focus is now on not bingeing instead of weight loss, I’m pretty stoked.
It has been almost 3 months. My life has changed so much. I am in such a better place mentally. I still have not binged, and I do not think about binging very often. The pig is still very sneaky and puts thoughts in my head, thoughts like how stressful my day is, or how wouldn’t it be fun since we’re out and about to just eat what I want. I do eat what I want, but I do it following my rules which is what keeps me from binging. So I take a step back when I hear that voice and remember that it’s not me and that makes all the difference. It makes me sad when I read reviews on here where people misunderstand or don’t give this a chance. When your life is ruled by this demon, I think it is worth it to explore every avenue to try to conquer it once and for all. I know I have done that in the past. This is the first time I’ve ever entered an eating plan where I do not have a feeling in the back of my mind that one day it will fail. There is no anxiety about that. Dr. Livingston sends a lot of emails. Not all are relevant and I do not read them all, but I do listen to the MP3s he sends of coaching sessions where he helps others. Those help to reinforce this for me. And in listening to them I realize that one of the reasons I am successful is that I did not approach this as a diet. My rules are geared primarily to stop my binging, not lose a lot of weight or eat perfectly. I recognize plans like the 21 Day Fix and Whole30 as being excellent ways to eat, and one day I hope to be that advanced for my health and weight. But for now, I am trying to solve the fundamental problem underneath that causes me to continually fail on those types of plans, and not just fail but fail spectacularly in such a way that I lose any ground I have gained. I am losing about one pound per week, which is not a lot. I could easily lose more on a very strict diet. but I constructed my plan to stop binging and I’m adding weight lost tweaks as I go. But the main plan continues to stop the binging. That way I know if my body or my mind rebels against the stricter rules that will help me lose weight, the original non binging rules will be ingrained and strong in me. So even if I don’t always eat clean and healthy, I will still always eat like a normal person and not lose ground in my weight loss efforts with a three-day, three week, or three month binge as I have in the past. My weight will remain stable and more importantly my mind will remain sane as I experiment with different ways to eat even better.
Over 8 weeks after reading the book. I have control of my eating and it feels great. I haven’t had a binge yet, even when I have cake or cookies! I’ve had many reasons to binge, stress or celebrating, etc., but recognized them for what they are.

It’s been almost 4 weeks. This book is the answer. This is the first time in my 48 years of life that I can remember not being a slave to food. Even when I’ve successfully dieted before, even when I’ve managed to eat almost normally, there has always been bingeing. Maybe not full scale 10,000 calorie days-on-end food fests, but at least eating more cookies than I planned, etc. Now, when I try to talk myself into eating something I hadn’t planned to, I’m able to recognize it for what it is. Over the past four weeks, I have been through a very sick cat with a huge vet bill and my pig whispered to me that I needed food comfort. I realized he was just trying to wheedle his way in and get food and i was able to think about whether that was the actual kind of comfort I needed and how I would feel after. I’ve also been to a couple of social occasions, several nice restaurant meals, and did some big projects, and those things definitely would have spurred me to at least stray before because “why not? You only live once and/or I deserve it, I’ll be better tomorrow.” I have not been strict or hard on myself, my food plan allows me to have a very special dessert once a week or at special occasions, and I have been able to eat that dessert and stop. I have been able to go to the movies and enjoy myself with popcorn, and enjoy Easter candy with my family. I will try to remember to update again in a couple of months.

I just read this all in one sitting. It’s stunning. And i can’t believe it was free. I will post again later with a testimonial.”






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