No more N-word

If I was in charge
No more N-word
Flat tax
Imagine if creators and experts created durable curriculums for school like Jordan Peterson, Warren Buffett, Candace Owens, Condoleezza Rice, and a brain trust of all former presidents.
People can vote on the Issues and in future elections. One person equals one vote. You get to vote on your Social Security number and a credit card. Voting is free.
If you don’t have a Social Security card, you should get one.
If you don’t have a credit card, that’s fine just vote in person with State ID and SS Card.
We need to recheck pedophilia as a capital crime. Our system is too small to keep them all locked up long enough, we have to revisit our management and look at the way they do it in Europe.
There are democratic countries that are thousands of years old, how old is Sweden and how old is Norway and how old is Italy, etc. we could look at some of the ways they do things. Our republic is only less than 300 years old. Think of the experience we could glean from these older cultures and shorten the learning curve on some of their ills.
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Social media companies are using technologies that are more advanced than your psychiatrist. They can exert change in your brain more easily then cognitive behavioral therapy. So I think it’s the end of those days when private companies so to speak Ken meddle in your thought processes, without some responsibility. Facebook is a drug you take with your eyes. What responsibility goes with that?
Because fact checking has been widely used for censorship, my suggestion would be that at least on social media and possibly broader, fact checking needs to be discarded. I think the public needs to be reassured that the Internet and social media are a “wild West“ of bullshit. And the people you might be able to trust are your face to face therapists, face-to-face doctors, face-to-face mechanics, and face-to-face teachers.
Incentives should be provided to public schools with uniforms. Three different tops and three different shorts and three different pants. The parents can agree. Potential for school Spirit by color.
When you grow up you’re gonna wear specific Organization clothes or a uniform to work. Might as well get used to it.
The high school and college curriculum needs to contain education and credit management and conflict resolution for better success with marriages.
The laws surrounding marriage and divorce should be less draconian, and more appropriate. There should be an algorithm into which numbers are pushed that decide all but a few cases that have to go immediately to jury currently that is about the way it goes except there are tens of thousands of dollars wasted on jockeying and positioning and arguing before you even decide you have to have a judge to sign it or not.
Contemplate beneficial legislation, for example lowering emissions, greenhouse gases emissions, raining in certain crimes, improving education, improving teacher salaries, the way to do that is to figure out how some wrinkly old white man in the north eastern United States can get rich giving us better things. Because that’s not what they’re thinking about. They’re like an insurance company to takes in as much money as possible without giving anything back. But they know they have to give back so we get programs and printed money.