Objective Covid Synopsis 2030

The following was excepted from National Geographic, on March 20, 2030. It represents perhaps one of the best summaries of the events 10 years prior with epidemic outbreak of COVID-19.
Staff writer Carol Burkhardt writes:
“COVID-19 was a singularity that brought together all of the worst of humanity.
When COVID-19 first made its appearance, victims were pretty sick, because the virus had considerable virulence. It was fresh out of the lab, and it was not a naturally occurring virus. It was a human-engineered virus created from a human lentivirus capsule, and a bat virus inside. The researcher who developed the virus, had found that the bat virus had no access to human cells. And so she engineered the lentivirus capsule from the human HIV virus and put the bat virus into it. The lentivirus capsule gained access to the human cells, injecting the bat virus DNA into the cell and creating disease. That researcher had *just* published in the lancet that she was looking forward to trying this on humans cell lines. She was vocally shut down by the rest of the scientific community. I am sure that hurt. Low and behold, one of the next people to walk out of her lab was an inadvertently infected young intern. And she was Ground Zero for the virus in Wuhan.
The virus could take a fairly heavy toll on the very-elderly and the very-weak. CEO and founder of Microsoft Bill Gates once said the world needs a virus in order to shed the economically-burdensome and weak humans. Funny how powerful, reich-people start thinking about blitz-culling the population. (Just-then, I misspelled “rich” as “reich” accidentally. I also did not fix it.)
But almost as soon as the virus began to infect people, the United States government began rebating hospitals and medical practices for managing Covid cases, especially mortality. And so from the beginning; practically every death that could be attributed to COVID-19, was attributed to COVID-19. Which made the numbers of people “dying of COVID-19”, look astronomical. The following case was commonplace: A man was admitted to a local hospital, who had been run over by a car. He tested positive for COVID-19. With his collarbone coming through the skin and massive internal injuries: when he died, his death was attributed to COVID-19 and the hospital collected $3500. If he had been on a ventilator just prior to dying, the hospital would get an additional stipend. A lot of people were put on ventilators.
With all of these vulnerable transplant-patients, auto-immune cases, and extremely-elderly cases dying anyway, and with the reported-mortality rate of COVID-19 skyrocketing as hospitals reported more and more Covid-attributed deaths, it only made sense to come up with a vaccine. There was an amazing collapse of the checks-and-balances normally maintained between the FDA, the CDC and drug manufacturers, removing the legal and ethical barriers between these organizations. To such an extent in fact that the FDA was actually giving directions to the CDC, regarding which vaccine to use, where to buy it, and how to give it. And the FDA was taking orders directly from the vaccine manufacturer. The argument was, that no one knew how to use the vaccine better than the manufacturer, and so vaccine companies were steering the decision-making and regulatory process of the CDC and FDA.
While providing practically no boots-on-the-ground guidance at home in their own states; on Capitol Hill members of Congress were busily making eager plans for legislation that would ‘Trojan-horse’ luxurious spending initiatives through house and senate. Politicians eager to curry favor with a dismayed American population engineered cash rebates to be deposited directly into voters’ bank accounts.
Economists wondered how $1200 would save families who were ordered to shelter at home.
Small businesses, sagging for lack of employees and customers, were granted loans if they were under a certain size. Multinational corporations went to the fountainhead, representing that each of their locations were small businesses, and collected millions upon millions of dollars.
Small businesses saw very little of that money.
The second round of funding was distributed through banks for better oversight, and the banks granted these loans to client-organizations that owed them money so that their debt could be carried and not defaulted. Largely to the exclusion of small businesses that did not bank with the distributing financial institution. So, instead of distributing coffee-mugs and calendars to customer-businesses, these banks were able to gift these small-business-loans that did not call upon repayment.
With each passing quarter, the virulence (strength) of the Covid virus diminished. Declining in severity between the first wave of COVID-19, and so on down through delta and omicron. Some observers correctly speculated that the omicron variant was actually an attenuated, or modified–live virus, given to the population at the “six month booster” so eagerly recommended by vaccine company and CDC. And the shelter at home recommendation by the CDC was reduced to a mere five days, and the administration overseeing the process commented quite a few times that “everybody was going to be infected with the omicron virus sooner or later.“
Finally, as the tide went out on COVID-19, and the majority of spending was distributed among the organizers of the event, the administration at the time simply ended the epidemic by saying it was over. Masks were shed, and people went about their business as usual.