One of the Worst Best Narcissist Foot-in-Mouths

My favorite, narcissist gaffe.
Narcissist feel that practically everything, and everyone around them is stupid, or beneath them. They have some sort of elevated understanding of practically everything.
So it stands to reason that, when they don’t understand something, it must be among the stupidest things in the world. Because they understand almost everything.
so, of all the people, the narcissist will stand like a conqueror astride some concept, cultural difference, social practice, or science and call it the stupidest thing they’ve ever heard. While people around them look at them and wonder, “could he be so stupid?“
This is particularly true, when a narcissist does not understand some thing, because it would require empathy to understand it. For example, caring if you ran over a child who had run out into traffic. Or caring that a family member had to be put into a nursing home that was subpar.






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