Pedestrian sovereignty

I would guess, back in the olden days, people would get run over fairly frequently because they would forget to look both ways, or vehicles moved faster than they thought, because they were newish compared to a horse and carriage. Perhaps they were drunk. But, I’m thinking nowadays, just as many, if not more people get run over because of their absolute confidence in their sovereignty over the road. These crosswalks, and bike lanes, seem to confer to them total dominance on the road and they will step forward, “as is my right“ and if you’re not paying close attention, you’ll run one of them over because they use no common sense when stepping out into traffic. I mean, drivers are navigating traffic, they’re looking at a map, they are also looking through a big plate of glass to see the road and they’re not necessarily looking for a pedestrian at that particular moment. You can’t just jump out into traffic because “it’s your right as provided by the state law.”