AISongs It’s really, *really *terrible. There is absolutely no way that you’ve tried it. There is NO one who’s going to get that half-baked, buggy thing and not think “Oh my god, who made this? Is it even worth trying to get my $13 back?” You get SIX ‘stock’ tunes. They’re the same everybody gets. It generates ZERO new tunes. No new music. It gets worse: You can enter text, or it will shuffle your words and create ONE paragraph of lyrics. You can’t put in more than a paragraph, or it chokes. So you get 15 seconds of lyrics, and a 3 minute stock song. Which is really just a bassline without a Melody. You better like rap and hip hop. (Your customers better not be rich or tasteful) It will merge *one *paragraph of lyrics merely as a random voice over, to the stock song. There’s nothing really musical, there are only 6 ‘stock’ songs and it generates NO new music. It just shuffles lyrics as a disjointed voiceover to the (only one paragraph of music) to the bland, same six songs. I think this is going to be a pretty big crowd Killer of Future Desire for further “shitty little AI programs that are only half-baked-when-sold”
Make hay while the sun shines. I think WarriorPlus could wreck their own reputation just like JVZoo did. Repping terrible products. Sorry to see it happen.

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