Recognizing a narcissist

Recognizing a narcissist isn’t very difficult. But then again, it is, as well.
In the year 2022, the term “narcissist” describes any male who is emotionally abusive to us. It’s not that simple.
First, there are almost as many females who are narcissist as males. And most people do not know that there are several “flavors“ of narcissist including “recovering narcissist.“
Recovering narcissists have somehow been made aware of their emotional body odor.
It’s a miracle when that happens because typically, narcissists brush off the criticism that they have intellectual bad breath” as your jealousy, or that “psychobabble you learn from your therapist.”
Narcissists can be harmful, or harmless. I think you’ll be very surprised to know that most narcissists are NOT malignant. They can be boastful, always trying to get attention and steal the spotlight, they can be petulant like children, they may have adult-tantrums when they’re disappointed, they are very cutting in an argument. They are blameless, they are always right, and they are great. Just whatever it is that they’re doing, it’s great. And they’re never wrong. If a narcissist is wrong, it’s only because you misunderstood something.
The rarest narcissist is the malignant narcissist. That’s the one you read about all the time, destroying families and hurting their spouses, doing permanent psychological damage. The malignant narcissist is what happens when a narcissist is born into circumstances that create a sociopath. Whether that’s genetics, or just not being picked up enough as a baby. Abuse, whether it is physical or emotional abuse, makes a sociopath narcissist.
Malignant narcissist have all the features of narcissists, except the additional feature of People as “Things”.