Recovering Narcissists Can’t:

*Because All Narcissists Always: *
– Defend themselves – Say they’re being a victim – Dismiss the other person’s concern – Decline they did anything wrong – Minimize the actual impact – Criticize and fight to distract from the issue – Crawl back with obsequious promises and sugar
There’s literally nothing *Recovering *Narcissists can say without being “Narcissistic” even if sometimes they should.
A Recovering Narcissists who doesn’t want to be that way:
– *Doesn’t defend themselves* -> Recovering Narcissists have to “not defend” and can be blamed for anything and everything including both sides of the whole mess. – *Doesn’t say they’re being a victim* > Recovering Narcissists can be treated any way you like. They can be verbally abused, treated unfairly and insulted and cannot feel or claim they were wronged. – *Doesn’t dismiss the other person’s concern *-> In an argument you can expand, omit or embellish ‘facts’ to make a point and Recovering Narcissists can’t contest it. – *Doesn’t decline they did anything wrong* -> Recovering Narcissists can be accused of anything real or recalled without contradiction. If Recovering Narcissists decline anything, especially *false* accusations, it’s gaslighting. – *Doesn’t minimize the actual impact* -> Experiences that trigger prior PTSD or ‘hit a nerve from a past life’ can get as ‘big and histrionic’ as they want without comment from Recovering Narcissists. – *Doesn’t criticize and fight to distract from the issue* -> Recovering Narcissists can be verbally abused and insulted and cannot get angry, respond or throw it back. – *Doesn’t beg, gift or ingratiate to get their partner back*. The partner allows continuation, or burns it down. Recovering Narcissists just have to wait.