Religion not surface

God speaks to us
At one time I believed that that “80%“ of our brain that we don’t seem to be using was just a evolutionary glitch and was being held in reserve for when we got hit on the head and part of our brain was damaged we could move certain skills and memories to another area in our brain. Of course I’m not a neurologist so I have no idea if that is even possible.
Or if it is just a difference in a persons Intel legends that they use more or less of their extra brain mass.
What I really think, is that we are a species that is engineered in “his“ image. And that we were put on earth, our own billion year old Eden full of harmonious wildlife and beautiful Planson certain areas of the world with perfect 70° weather all the time.
But I think with our big brains we had some thing that none of the other animal said, “free choice“ kind of like when eve eight of the Apple suddenly wanted to know and do things that were different from God‘s plan. And every since then we’ve been tearing down the garden of Eden and doing whatever we want.
I said all that to say this, I believe that the 80% of our brain that we don’t seem to be using is actually loaded
Loaded with nerve endings that we can use to communicate with God. Just because we don’t understand how that might work doesn’t mean it’s not going on.
I think when you pray, when you pray you are opening up a radio frequency to God.
I think that if we are open to the signals, our big brain can resonate with God. I think even to a limited degree our big brains resonate on a human wavelength and we can actually feel the needs of others.
I have my doubts that organized religion can put a child on a spiritual path. But, I know that spiritual behavior at home and directed towards them by parents and care figures well. I know that children will do as a parent does way before they do as a parent Will do as a parent does, much more likely than they will do as a parent says. I think especially as far as religion. I think putting a kid in Sunday school, but then treating him in the absence of God for the week even no matter how nice you are, if he does not see you worshiping, folding your hands, asking God for wisdom in guidance, he won’t do those things either.