Salmon Diets With Chicken?

Miss leading food labels
Something that IAMS has started to do, and they are not by any means alone in this, is putting misleading information on the bags of dog food that they sell.
It’s pretty simple, you’ll see a bag from them that says salmon and sweet potato.
As a consumer you might purchase that because those are typically hypoallergenic components in a diet.
The problem is that if you look at the back more closely you will see that perhaps the first two ingredients are salmon and sweet potato, The third and fourth ingredient or chicken and corn! The problem is with this is that a person might have purchased the food to secure one per team for their pet, and actually be buying something they specifically didn’t want.
Normally I like to run on and on in my articles about things but this is pretty straightforward.
Please be sure to read the bag of food that you’re feeding and make sure is that what is on the front of the bag is exclusive to things on the back of the bag.