The impact of franchise vet medicine

The following is not to build my business. I’m only taking new customers on referral from old customers. Vet franchises are not taking away my business.
Young people are going into veterinary medicine for two reasons.
The first reason is to be employees and work with animals in a protected environment with no risk. They really love animals, and working for a corporation (besides having to practice “their way”) supports their desire to practice medicine with animals. ….
The second and different subset of young people are going to Vet school because the earning potential on commission at certain places is absolutely ridiculous..
But overall, fewer kids are going to Vet school, and so the United States has opened licensure to anyone with a DVM from overseas with far fewer provisions than before. So you can now encounter a brilliant barely-English-speaking food-inspection veterinarian standing behind the counter, trying to figure out an ear infection drawing on years of experience with a meat thermometer.
Or, a kid who has figured out that he can make as much as a practice owner on commissions.
A lot like new & used car sales except the customer is tied to the ‘spend’ by their heart.