What to do about bad drivers?

I have this idea for a modern civilization regarding Bad Drivers.
I may have mentioned before, that I think that “driving really fast in parking lots“ but also “tailgating“ are both “IQ tests you can take without paper”. 😂
So I had this idea (if I ever become President), I’m going to give everybody these little hand-held scanners, and if someone cuts you off in traffic, or is going 35 in the fast lane, or dings your car in a parking lot with their door, you can “Jerk-Scan” their car. A little orange checkmark shows up next to that driver‘s name at the Georgia State Patrol office for the day.
99% of the time, nothing will happen.
But, at the end of the day, or at least at the end of the week there’s gonna be a car or two, that have been scanned to the Police like, A HUNDRED times that week.
Those are the people the police should go talk to. 😡
You know? So like that that kid on Old Canton with a little “Bondo-Flares” Aquarium-Lights-Taped-Under-It-$800-Beater-Honda-Civic that has the cherry bomb muffler on it? Yeah. You’re out walking your dog and he comes blazing by and you scan him. Your pal mowing the lawn scans him. Everybody else in traffic scans him. By the end of the day, he’s lighting up to switchboard over at the GSP. Same for the guy weaving in and out of traffic. He picks up 25 scans in less than an hour and The Popo wanna talk to him. A win for everybody. The insurance companies pay for the scanners, and gladly. (Not the taxpayer).
[image: IMG_7946.jpeg]