White Privilege?

A lot of terms are getting mixed up these days here’s why you should know the difference
White privilege is a contested subject. Because a lot of folks have privileges. In America. The argument centers around what color of person is ‘enabled’ to do what. One argument being white people are born into it. The other argument, immigrants have extraordinary privileges and gifts that white people do not get.
Still, I would NOT prefer to be an immigrant.
Absolutely for sure instead of white privilege, we could say “white sense of entitlement”
The N word is not an acceptable “they-can-say-it” “cultural” thing. It’s a bad word, it should be aggressively censored, no group of people should be allowed to say it, I don’t want it in front of me, or my kids. I don’t want any parents to have to explain to their five-year-old what “that word” is they keep hearing on Spotify and YouTube. There is a very small segment of the population usually singers, who reserves the right to use that term publicly and constantly.
I can’t stop Ignorant people from using the F-word or the N-word around their children, but we should be able to prohibit the use of the N-word in easily accessible social media and music.