Who Are You Always?

Are you “forever”?
Were you bored before you were born? Where were you? Who were you? What was going on? Or did you even exist. Is this the first time you’ve existed? Where are you going when you die? Back to the oblivion you came from? So, you won’t know? or will you? But will you remember?
I know you love being alive. You love experiencing things, the world. If you remain you, as a soul, are you going to be able to stand it? Being you? Thinking like you do? Knowing all the same people in heaven? When do you move on? When do your pastures change?
What if you die and you’re a racist? Find yourself surrounded by the other people? What if you’re uneducated, and you have a low self-esteem. When your soul goes to heaven, are you somehow a different person? Do you forget the abuse that you suffered here on earth? if you have daddy issues, do you still have those in heaven, and if you don’t, who are you at that point? Are you happy as somebody else?
Do you really think it’s possible that we could comprehend “what’s going on?
Could a fish understand its fish tank? Does a dog have a perspective on its role in life? Can a bird that is born in a cage have any idea?






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