Whoopi Goldberg is Adorable

Fame does not grant bonus IQ points.
Whoopi Goldberg, (although in fairness, and much like Robert De Niro, she squeaks by with an IQ under 105 so we have to be charitable because for those two, it’s a little bit like criticizing intellectual Special Olympians), swore she would leave the United States if Donald Trump had been elected Instead of her preferred, ‘paragon of integrity’, Hillary Clinton. I think it shows an extraordinary weakness in her character, and integrity, that she remained in the United States, running her mouth.
Like a little barking dog; going out of her mind over cats and the UPS man, that people smilingly scratch behind the ears, and ask to hush.
Actually, never mind about Whoopi Goldberg, her “I’m a big dog” delusion is kind of adorable, in a “three-year-old trying to get a box open” kind of way, now that I think about it.
I mean, in a way, she’s funnier when she’s trying to be serious than she was when she was a comedian. But then, I’m conflicted, chuckling and shaking your head about the things that Whoopi Goldberg chooses to say, that’s like laughing at retarded people.






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