Winning In 2024. Get Bernie.

While Donald Trump is president, some of the most important things that he needs to do, are off-limits to him. He cannot start a newspaper, he cannot start a social media platform, and he cannot Marshall support financially and otherwise from some of the entities that he can secure now. President Trump‘s value has at least tripled.
Do we even know if McAnany and Candace Owen would like to be president and vice president in 2024?
Can you announce a cabinet, early in the game?
Americans believe pretty much everything they hear from our US “vanilla“ media outlets. If the media outlet has been their browser homepage for the last 20 years, they are going to assume everything they see is accurate. The average American does not even I wonder if what they’re saying is true
And we need to start appearing on bumper stickers. And it has to be subtle. I’m thinking, bumper stickers more like “I’m not a racist“ or “I support education“ as opposed to support Kaylee McAnany or Donald Trump‘s coalition. To be disruptively good for America.
We could put a sense of humor on the platform
That can be really tricky because people are easily offended. Oh so, we can’t really come off the cuff with that. But, it can be built-in to printed media.
No, this time around I don’t think we want to make enemies out of the press. I think we learned a valuable lesson 2020.
I’m pretty sure that we’re not going to use a private social media platform like Twitter for dissemination of ideas.

I think that most politicians would be smart to hire someone to think before we speak.
The Trump Center should fund a series of social media video experiences, a “week in the life of” A typical refugee, a typical Latino family in underserved areas, a typical middle-class black family, a typical middle class white family, and then, every week unveil another week in the life of, series.
With the exposure that it would immediately get, it would turn advertising profit instantly. So it would be self funding.
I need 20 minutes with Donald Trump. ( and four minutes with Kaylee McEnany”)
Bernie Sanders can’t be stupid. And if we had him as part of our coalition platform, we would capture all of those voters. And in every election, when his voters don’t get Bernie Sanders, they fall to the Democrats. That can’t happen. And maybe, we should give some credit to the idea that
If he was willing to participate with us, he would be able to provide valuable viewpoints on decisions we called upon to make.
To be honest, I think it would be a stroke of genius, to form a cabinet that included all former presidents. And yes that includes Obama and Clinton. Despite flaws, do we really think they could contribute nothing to success?
When someone says “can’t” we need to respond with “OK, how then?”
If the Trump team, (and we could not call it that), were to pull from both sides of the aisle for talent to ensure success, we could make the House and Senate “ashamed of themselves“ for their partisan behavior.
If there are high IQs in the coalition, that needs to get into the promotion as tactfully as possible. That has to be done carefully. First, we don’t want to alienate people who don’t have a high IQ. If other teams have higher IQs, we don’t want that blow back.
Everything has to be done carefully.
We have to put a three second delay on everything, because everything that comes out of anyone’s mouth, has to be assessed to determine if it can be re-shaped into a weapon.
If we are stuck with Nancy Pelosi, I think we should need to reach out to her.
This country is tired of the infighting. If we had A plank in our platform that referred to “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” and we stuck to it, I feel like the country would rally behind somebody taking the higher ground for once.
I can almost guarantee you, that if they are the only ones out there bad mouthing in 2024, it will go very badly for them.
There are times when playing the underdog could be affective. For example, North Korea keeps missing a bet by rattling their saber and making threats. The Middle Eastern countries that we sanction, if they appeal to the global community in a contrite fashion whether they mean it or not, could easily generate global sympathy. As opposed to living up to their assessed aggressive Reputation.
I think if we had a meeting with Mexico, we could put a premium on them preventing passage through their northern border. Might not even need a wall if we use drones, motion detectors, possibly some other deterrence that could be drone mounted.
Mexico suffers with the flow of refugees from Central America at least for a while. If we incentivized preventing the migration, they might like it.
If we are going to take a relaxed stance on Mexican immigration, do we really need to have limits at all? More specifically, we have the opportunity to “cherry pick“ the intellectuals and
Tradesmen among the groups trying to enter the Us
If coalition intelligence can figure out keep people in the press corps to keep “happy“ to manage our media representation, there are lots of “bones we can throw them“ as far as exclusives, celebrity, etc.

It might even be possible to change the perception of certain liberals in Hollywood either by drawing them in and befriending them, or, drawing them into battles they cannot win and getting them to say something that “ends of them“
With just the right soundbite.
Why couldn’t Donald Trump start his own news agency? That news agency would have to be engineered two provide uncommonly Dash unbiased reporting. Perhaps it would be social, economic, and political and leave out the gardening section and classifieds
Why couldn’t Donald Trump start his own social media platform? But again, creating a platform that puts the other platforms to shame, and provides the public with what they aren’t getting with Twitter and Facebook.