You can believe in God and still be shitty

So you don’t believe in God
Or you might say “well I believe that there is some thing like that out there”
If there was a god, wouldn’t that call upon you to be good? All the time?
Just because you don’t appreciate religion around God, the disapproval, the inquisition’s, even hostility… Does that somehow mean there isn’t a God?
Does anyone really believe they could fully understand the intelligent design that life is? Somehow, understanding in any sort of human comprehensible terms what or who this “God“ is?
What matters is, you know you believe in a God. You know there is a God jingling, the keys to this circus.
And, whether you’re being good or not, that God is still there. So just because you don’t acknowledge God, doesn’t mean your conduct is or is not being noticed.
I am proposing that you not disbelieve on God just because you don’t want to somehow, suddenly, fall under all of those rules and standards. Most of the rules and standards are human constructs around, with Jesus, basically said, which was “show each other, the full measure of love, love each other, and love they neighbor.“
All the stuff about women, not being educated, and giving money to the church, and making men the head of your household, was sort of “thrown in there“ by the original, male, translators of the Bible.






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